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Project Description

The amazing architectural project of Sant Pau Research Institute, designed by PICH architects_Pich-Aguilera and 2BMFG Arquitectes, embodies this new fusion of modernist architecture, sustainability and uniqueness.

The Flexbrick® facade, made up of 45,000 pieces of its ceramic fabric, visually integrated with its surroundings plays an important role regulating the amount of solar radiation received.

In addition, the exterior face has a color similar to that of the nearby historical pavilions, while the interior uses a vitrified polychrome finish that refers to its modernist domes. A spectacular design that changes during the day thanks to the glazed ceramic pieces, creating an impressive mosaic of light.

The new aesthetics of the Sant Pau Research Institute, designed to meet strict bioclimatic criteria and achieve maximum energy efficiency with an exclusive design, incorporates the most demanding contemporary parameters in terms of sustainability and circular economy. It has obtained the maximum energy savings, accredited with an A Energy Certification, and the minimum environmental impact, with the Leed Platinum environmental certification.

In conclusion, the innovative Flexbrick® ceramic system establishes a smooth dialogue between the interior and the exterior at a visual level, giving the building a chameleon identity that connects with the modernist style of the Hospital.

A new architectural paradigm without limits!

Project Info

Architect PICH architects_Pich-Aguilera and 2BMFG Arquitectes

Skills Facade