New Maitland Hospital Australia

This project aims to tell the story of the Wonnarua, who were the indigenous stewards of the land on which the New Maitland Hospital was built. The design uses pieces of terracotta to create the dynamic patterns with different tones, is an allegory representing the culture of these people. The pergola protects pedestrians from the sunlight as they make their way to the main entrance.

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Fabra y Coats Art Factory In Barcelona

Flexbrick® uses ceramic tiles vertically for the first time on a façade of the renovated Fabra i Coats Art Factory in Barcelona. Well proportioned, slender reddish ceramic tiles have been applied to create a new vertical strip design on the new northern façade. The architects Manuel Ruisánchez and …

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Flexbrick® escogido para el proyecto Penzkofer en Baviera

The innovative Flexbrick® construction system, based on a flexible steel mesh combined with different materials such as ceramics, steel, glass, wood… and designed to cover architectural spaces, it arrives at southeast Germany with the realization of the headquarters of the construction company Penzkofer in Bavaria, very important in its sector.

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