Project Description

The project by Isabel Díaz de Miguel and Núria de Fidel was the only one to assess the idea of turning the ground floor into a public space, used to preserve the archaeological remains found on the ground floor of Elche Market. The project led to controversy, as it increases the building located in the old part of the city in both height and volume. The different treatment given to the facades was positively valued, depending on the direction in which they face and on the use of the different opacities of the Flexbrick ceramic dressing, the different depths of which allow for a “visual extension of the street” towards the interior, not only on the ground floor, but also on the two upper floors.

Project Info

Architect Isabel Díaz de Miguel de Mera and Nuria de Fidel, final-year architecture students at the University of Alicante

Skills Concurso Cátedra Cerámica de Alicante (Ceramic Tile Professorship Competition), presented at the University of Alicante Museum, with a jury formed by Jaime Prior and Alberto García Burgos, professors at the Universitat Politècnica de València